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Remy:Badout is visual artist

(shoot/arwork/art direction/graphic design)

His style could be described as

Definitely inspired by cinema and techniques of the past in an atmosphere ranging from 60s to 90s.

He works exclusively
with Polaroid and analog photography,
and digitally process the results.

Like a chemistry in perpetual mutation, each result is unforeseen, unpredictable, it always experiences new visual variations that correspond to a vision, as a result to dreams and to the internal and indefinable
universe in each of us.

Psychedelism has naturally become
a creative pillar.
So, the mystical relationship between
Nature and Man has become
just as fascinating and inspiring...


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Regard sur la Paix
(2nd collective exhibition)
Lyon, France

exhibition “STRIGX”
Lyon, France

KODD Magazine
editorial “MARS”
Paris, France

MOOD Magazine #2
press edito
Lyon, France

Comme À La Maison
2nd exhibition “MARS”
Lyon, France

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Point Nommé
exhibition “MARS”
Lyon, France

KODD Magazine
editorial “Dream Travel”
Paris, France

MOOD Magazine #1
press article
Lyon, France

Regard sur la Paix
(collective exhibition)
Lyon, France

Allez viens,
on expose ton projet

(collective exhibition)
Les Woraces, Lyon, France